Friday, October 6, 2017

Moroccan Tiles Quilt

Autumn is here in Prince Edward Island. Cooler temperature make me want to snuggle under a quilt with hot cocoa. I love the way the leaves change their colors from greens, to yellows, reds and browns. I think it is nature's way of showing one last burst of beauty before the sparseness of winter. Don't get me wrong, I think winter has its own beauty. But this post is about my feelings for Fall. Rich earthy tones, Spices that fill the air. Apples and pumpkins are just some of what I love most.

I am so pleased to announce another tutorial for the modabakeshop. The backdrop for this quilt, shows off Autumn's harvest. I hope you like "Moroccan Tiles".  This tutorial really knows how to let your favorite fabrics shine! It uses a Layer Cake and 2 Charm packs with some background and an accent. I think this project would be lovely in Batiks, Rich Autumn colors or super bright shades. Of course you could use a Fat Quarter bundle quite easily too. So grab your favorite fabrics and start showing them off!  I hope you try my method for constructing this quilt. (I promise it goes together quite quickly, once you get the method down).

Stay tuned in the coming months for a holiday inspired version, that Me and My Mum will be making: Here is a sneak peek of my version...

This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, and I am truly thankful for so much. I think after an afternoon with family and amazingly tasty food, I will be ready to snuggle up under my "Moroccan Tiles Quilt"